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PowAir Pets is proud to offer a unique product to the market in the form of pet safe, odour neutralisation and home fragrance options.

Thank you for choosing PowAir Pets

Now that you have your chosen PowAir Pet Products to hand, it’s important that you know how to use them to the best of their ability. PowAir Pets is proud to offer a unique product to the market in the form of pet safe, odour neutralisation and home fragrance options. We are passionate about pets and believe that we shouldn’t have to compromise on the wellbeing of our furry friends when eliminating odours. We boast a natural enzymatic range that is free of alcohol, harmful chemicals and other toxic ingredients; a truly pet-safe brand! Not to be confused with air fresheners, PowAir Pet products will ensure odours are eliminated at the source and not temporarily masked. Become a PowAir Pet Pro by finding out more on our products below.

Using our products

Our products are non toxic and both people and pet friendly. The entirety of our product range is also multipurpose so that you can use your liquid, block, gel and sprays all around your home. Why not try using our products as a cat and dog smell eliminator, or more specifically, to remove pet odours from your upholstery. Here we have a simple guide on how we think our natural odour neutraliser range is best used, designed to help you remove pet odours by getting the most from your PowAir Pets products.

PowAir Pets Stockist - stock a wide range of our pet odour neutraliser products to remove pet odours - pet safe odour removal made easy, acting as the perfect dog and cat smell eliminator

Pet Urine

Pet Urine

PowAir Pets can be used against urine stains and odours, with litters trays and home based environments.

Home Use

Home Use

Using PowAir Pets in your home can help keep any pet based odours at bay, with a product range designed for versatility and portability.

Pet Hygiene

Pet Hygiene

Your pets hygiene can have a knock on effect on odours they produce, PowAirs formula can help reduce and eliminate that odour.

Vehicle Use

Vehicle Use

If you spend a lot of time travelling with your pets, when you take them for walks, you may experience bad odours start to build up in your vehicle.

Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

PowAir Pets is a great way to help keep your pet accessories fresh and clean, including harnesses, collars and leads.

Commercial Use

Commercial Use

PowAir pets is a great product to have on hand in your business when dealing with animals and pets everyday and getting rid of any odours.

Our Products

PowAir Urine & Odour Spray 464ml

Urine & Odour
Removal Spray

PowAir Odour Removal Spray 250ml in Passion Fruit

Pet Odour
Removal Spray

PowAir Odour Removal Liquid 464ml in Tropical Breeze

Pet Odour
Removal Liquid

PowAir Odour Removal Block 170g in Apple Crumble

Pet Odour
Removal Block

PowAir Odour Removal Gel 732g in Lemongrass

Pet Odour
Removal Gel

PowAir Misting Dome

Pet Odour
Misting Dome

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    What our customers say…

    Jaq Allen

    I first bought a PowAir products several years ago & with having stinky Terriers, I needed something that would neutralise nasty smells and release a pleasant, long lasting, natural fragrance. PowAir ticks all those boxes. I wouldn’t waste my money on anything else!

    -PowAir Pets Uk


    I found this website when looking for products that wouldn’t make my ragdoll kittens ill. I’m so impressed with all the products especially the dome. Can’t praise the products enough. If you’re wondering – don’t! Just place an order, you won’t be disappointed.

    -PowAir Pets UK

    Tina C

    Having purchased my Misting Dome a few months ago, my home has smelled clean and fresh. I have ordered my refills twice and not been disappointed with the quick delivery and quality of the product. Outstanding product and outstanding aftercare. Would rate higher if I could.

    -PowAir Pet Misting Dome

    Our friendly sales team are here to help

    Our dedicated team are always happy to help you with any questions or enquiries that you may have regarding our products. To get in touch, please contact us through the following:

    Telephone: 01472 426 500

    UK Free Phone: 0800 612 6133


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