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Meet the PowAir Pets Range

Here at PowAir Pets, we pride ourselves on supplying thousands of customers pet safe and friendly products that work, and work well. Our natural pet odour neutralisers are designed to help you keep your homes and pet accessories smelling incredible and avoiding any unwanted and inevitable pet odours and pet pee stains that come with owning furry friends.

Our Accessories

PowAir Pets UV Pet Urine Detector Torch

UV Pet Urine Detector Torch

PowAir Pets Dog Groomers Hand Sanitiser Spray

Dog Groomers Hand Sanitiser

PowAir Apple Crumble Spray Card

Pet Spray Card

PowAir Pet Wash Bag - natural pet odour neutraliser to remove unwanted pet odours and pet pee stains - pet friendly and safe product range

Pet Hair Wash Bag

Odour Specific

It's common that our customers know where the odour is, but don't know which product to use. That's why we've created this simple guide to ensure you pick the right product for your specific requirements. Whether you need Urine & Odour to eliminate those pesky pet pee stains and smells or a PowAir Spray to quickly spritz into the air, we want to make sure you are choosing the right pet friendly and safe product for your issues.

To find out which of our natural pet odour neutralisers is best suited for your odour issues, follow the link below and take a look at our odour guide!