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Pet Odour Removal Spray

PowAir Pet Odour Removal Spray is a fast and effective odour eliminator utilising a natural formula to safely combat odours in your home or workplace. This cat and dog odour spray is designed to eliminate a variety of pet smells, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh. Below we will explore the features and benefits of our pet friendly odour neutraliser and why it’s the best choice for eliminating pet odours.

Available Size: 250ml

Pet safe, cruelty free and made from plant based active ingredients that really work. All containers are recyclable.

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Product Information

PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Room Spray Fragrance

How PowAir Spray works.

This Pet Odour Removal Spray is the perfect home fragrance solution for fast odour neutralisation in your home. It uses odour eliminating technology to effectively remove pet smells, leaving a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. This natural room fragrance works by attacking odours at their source, so you can be sure that any unpleasant pet smells will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Fun Fact: Humans have an impressive sense of smell; we can detect up to 10,000 different scents! That’s why using a product like the PowAir Pet Odour Spray is so important for neutralising pet odours and removing pet smells.

How to use PowAir Pet Spray

Using our odour removal spray is simple. First, identify the areas of your home that need odour neutralisation, such as pet bedding or the atmosphere in your living space. Next, hold the spray bottle approximately 6 inches away from the area and spray evenly to ensure full coverage. Finally, allow the product to sit for a few minutes before enjoying the fast odour neutralisation of this home fragrance spray and the fresh scent that it brings to your home.

Please note: We recommend performing a patch test on a small, hidden area of the subject before continuing use to ensure colour fastness.

PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Room Spray Fragrance

Where to use PowAir Pet Spray

The PowAir Pet Odour Eliminator Spray can be used on any surface and is safe to use around your pets, making it a great way to freshen up your pet’s bedding and other furniture items. You can also use this natural room fragrance on carpets, rugs, and upholstery to help remove pet odours and refresh the fabric.

You don’t have to limit your odour neutralisation to inside the home. Our natural home fragrance is just as effective outdoors. If you often take your pet out on walks, you can use it on their favourite toys, beds, and blankets to keep them smelling fresh. Or, if you have pet bedding outside your home, use this pet friendly odour neutraliser to keep it smelling clean and free of pet odours.

PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Room Spray Fragrance

Benefits of using PowAir Spray

PowAir Pet Odour Spray 250ml - a pet friendly air freshener and home fragrance - natural room fragrance for the home and workplace

Fast odour neutralisation
The advanced formula in our Pet Odour Spray quickly and effectively neutralises pet odours, restoring pleasant smelling air.

PowAir Pet Odour Spray 250ml - a pet friendly air freshener and home fragrance - natural room fragrance for the home and workplace

Long-lasting protection
The odour neutraliser provided by our pet friendly air freshener is long lasting to ensure your home remains smelling fresh.

PowAir Pets - versatile usage - home fragrance - powair pet odour spray

Versatile usage
This PowAir home fragrance can be used anywhere in your home or car, making it a great all-around solution for pet odours.

Water, live bacteria cultures, essential oils and polysorbate 20 (a food-grade surfactant).

What’s the difference between PowAir and generic air fresheners?
Unlike air fresheners that only mask odours, PowAir actually eliminates odours. Our proprietary blend of natural high quality plant based essential oils neutralise odours at a molecular level. We do not use any harmful chemicals, use PowAir to eliminate any unhealthy odours and enjoy your life.

Is PowAir safe?
Oh yes! PowAir products do not contain harmful ingredients. We are very proud to have a natural formula that actually works and is safe to use around your family and your pets.

What is the difference between PowAir Urine & Odour and the 250ml PowAir Spray?
Both products are designed to be sprayed onto surfaces and materials; however, our 250ml fine mist Spray does not iUrine & Odour has for eliminating urine odours. Non the less, PowAir Spray can be used to eliminate odours both in the air and odours trapped on surfaces and materials. Urine & Odour on the other hand is not intended for treating odours in the air and uses a high volume sprayer for soaking materials faster. Both are very effective and easy to use.

PowAir Pets - high performance enzymes - long lasting protection

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