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Are you troubled by lingering pet odours in your home? Eliminating these unpleasant smells can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, our PowAir Pet Odour Removal Gel offers a pet-safe solution. This natural odour eliminator effectively freshens up your living space, leaving it smelling fresh and fruity. Versatile and easy to use, this product is suitable for almost any area, whenever you need it.

Pet safe, cruelty free and made from plant based active ingredients that really work. All containers are recyclable.

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Product Information

Pets can be wonderful companions, but unfortunately they can also come with some not-so-wonderful smells. Bad pet smells are the result of natural oils and sweat that build up over time on your furry friend’s fur. This can be especially noticeable when your pet has been playing or running around outside, leading to a build-up of bad animal smells. Thankfully, our PowAir Pet Odour Removal Gel is an easy and versatile odour remover that uses natural essential oils to get rid of pet smells and other unpleasant odours in your home. This scented gel comes in four fantastic fragrances.

PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Gel

How PowAir Gel works.

PowAir Pet Odour Removal Gel is a fast-acting natural odour eliminator that removes unwanted pet smells and other unpleasant odours from your home. It works by combining an odour neutraliser made from natural essential oils with a powerful activated carbon filter, which helps to absorb any bad smells and leave your home smelling fresh. The product works by being placed in areas that have been affected by pet or animal odours and it will begin to work within minutes of application.

The odour neutralising molecules interact with the air in the affected area effectively eliminating them. After a few hours, you’ll be left with a clean smelling home with no hint of any unpleasant pet smells. This scented gel is an effective and versatile odour eliminator best suited for larger areas.

How to use PowAir Gel

This versatile Pet Odour Removal Gel can be used in several different ways with the simplest way being to open the lid of the container, place the product wherever you want to remove odours and wait for the smell to be eliminated with true essential oils! 

For eliminating odours from larger areas, why not pair your Gel with a PowAir Breeze Fan. This fan sits comfortably on top of our 732g jar and 3.8kg pail. Please note: This will result in a much faster evaporation rate.

Finally, you may prefer to separate the scented gel crystals into smaller containers and hide them in discreet locations around your home or workplace. However you choose to use PowAir Gel, use it with confidence.

PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Gel

Where to use PowAir Gel

PowAir Pet Odour Removal Gel is an ideal solution for any room in your home that has been subject to bad pet odours.

This natural, pet-safe product is best suited for larger environments and is most commonly used in bathrooms, living areas, kitchens and offices. When choosing to separate the gel crystals into smaller containers, how about hiding it inside cupboards or behind itself on shelves, acting as a discreet odour neutraliser. As for dog grooming salons, since this is a much bigger environment, we recommend trying our larger pails and pairing it with a Breeze Fan for immediate effect. Why not hide a small container by your dogs cage, working to remove dog smells from the air, throughout the day!

PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Gel

Benefits of using PowAir Gel

PowAir Pets - Home Odour Neutraliser - pet safe scents - natural odour remover - powair breeze fan - get rid of dog smells in your home and workplace with versatile odour removal with our natural smell eliminator

Fast odour neutralisation
The advanced formula in this versatile odour remover quickly and effectively gets rid of dog smells, restoring pleasant smelling air.

PowAir Pets - long lasting protection - pet odour gel - natural smell eliminator

Long-lasting protection
The neutralisation provided by our natural smell eliminator is long lasting, helping to keep your home smelling fresh.

PowAir Pets - Home Odour Neutraliser - pet safe scents - natural odour remover - powair breeze fan - get rid of dog smells in your home and workplace with versatile odour removal

Versatile Usage
PowAir Pet Odour Gel can be used anywhere in your home or car, making it a great all-around solution for pet odours.

Water, essential oils and polysorbate 20 (a food-grade surfactant).

What’s the difference between PowAir and generic air fresheners?
Unlike air fresheners that only mask odours, PowAir actually eliminates odours. Our proprietary blend of natural high quality plant based essential oils neutralise odours at a molecular level. We do not use any harmful chemicals, use PowAir to eliminate any unhealthy odours and enjoy your life.

What are the Gel crystals?

The gel crystals are ‘super absorbent polymers’ which are non-toxic. They are designed to absorb and hold liquid, allowing the moisture to evaporate slowly from the container to combat ongoing odour problems.

How long does PowAir 400g Gel last?
Under ideal household conditions; they can last 30 – 60 days each. The answer varies because the product works by way of evaporation. There are environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and airflow that are different in every home which affect the rate of evaporation and how long the products will last. We cannot accurately predict these variables in every application so we can only offer you an estimated range of time that has been consistent over the years.

PowAir Pets - high performance enzymes - long lasting protection

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1 review for Pet Odour Removal Gel

  1. Rachel (verified owner)

    The scent is wonderful and it isn’t too over powering but still really strong and helps eliminate the odor I can vouch it does work

    • Amelia (store manager)

      We are so pleased to hear that PowAir has helped to save the day from unwanted odours 🙂

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