Creating a family safe,
odour neutraliser.

It’s our number one mission to ensure you and your pets are safe. That’s why with PowAir Pets, our product was created in line with strict QA standards.


So, why PowAir Pets?

All of our pet safe odour neutraliser products are extensively tested to make sure that they meet the highest safety and quality standards. This way, you can rest assured that your pets will be receiving the best care available as you permanently eliminate pet odours from your home. Furthermore, our natural odour neutraliser range is created in line with our company’s commitment to ethical practices. We strive to make sure that we do not hurt animals during the manufacturing process and use only the most environmentally friendly materials. Eliminate cat and dog odours safely, with confidence.

Made from essential oils…

PowAir is the perfect pet safe odour neutraliser to freshen the air! With a unique blend of essential oils and scientifically tested formulas, this natural odour neutraliser is powerful yet gentle on the environment (with all of our products being environmentally friendly). PowAir can be used to permanently eliminate pet odours, no matter how big or small, without being too overpowering or harsh on you or your pets senses. The amazing part about PowAir is that it does not use any synthetic fragrances or toxins, ensuring that your space is kept naturally refreshed without any worries. You can rest assure that you can eliminate cat and dog odours successfully with our products.

pet safe and natural odour neutraliser working to eliminate dog and cat odours - permanently eliminate pet odours at the source

Our promise to you…

PowAir make a promise to you that our pet safe odour neutraliser products will work to help you permanently eliminate pet odours from the source. Our products do not compare to other high street brands as we use natural essential oils and microbial enzymes to not only remove odours, but also help prevent future marking too!

Whether you choose our PowAir Pet Block or our best-selling Urine & Odour Spray, PowAir Pets will replace those pesky pet smells with a refreshing fragrance of essential oils. Here at PowAir, we not only care for you and your pets, but also your home and the environment. That’s why all of our products are pet safe, environmentally friendly and perfect when needing to eliminate cat and dog odours. Start neutralising pet odours today with PowAir Pets!

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