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PowAir Pets Stockist - stock a wide range of our pet odour neutraliser products to remove pet odours - pet safe odour removal made easy, acting as the perfect dog and cat smell eliminator

Derived from nature,

backed by science.

How does PowAir work to remove pet odours? Well it all happens naturally on a molecular level. When you’re using our blocks, gels or sprays, PowAir evaporates and disperses into the air, acting as a pet safe odour removal agent, to eliminate foul smells at a molecular level.

The rate of evaporation and dispersion is controlled by ambient conditions, such as air flow, temperature and humidity – in addition to the amount of product used. Scientifically speaking there are three methods of odour neutralisation that occur: adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction.

You can find out more about our pet safe odour removal range through the link below.