Eliminate Odours from Cats Marking their Territory

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Whether you are a cat lover or not, there is no doubt that the smell of cats marking their territory is almost unbearable. Even more so when you just don’t know how to stop the litter trays smelling. Why not eliminate pet odours, such as pet urine smells, with PowAir and our wide range of pet friendly and cruelty free products, including our pet pee spray (also known as Urine & Odour).

Accidents Happen…

No matter how well trained your pets are, or whether your cats are indoor or outdoor breeds, accidents still happen. In amongst all the panic, its likely you will try almost every high street cleaning product in reach, but did you know this might be making the issue worse? A vast majority of products will only work to temporarily mask the smell of cats marking their territory, allowing odours to build up and return as soon as the masking agent fades. Use PowAir to eliminate odours safely and permanently.​

We recommend our best selling product, PowAir Urine & Odour. This pet pee spray acts as an effective odour neutraliser that uses its proprietary blend of 40 natural essential oils and high performance enzymes to remove pet urine smells at a molecular level. Additionally, Urine and Odour can also be used to break down odours such as faeces, vomit and pheromones that are trapped in carpets and upholstery. Don’t forget to use it on your artificial grass too!​

Order a PowAir Urine & Odour spray for yourself today! Already got one? Our 922ml refill bottles are the perfect way to save the environment and reduce your plastic consumption. Head over to our website to find out more about Urine & Odour and the other quantities it is available in!

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What is our Enzymatic Formula?

Our Enzymatic formula is made from essential oils which are naturally derived, and include a range of microbial enzymes. The high performance enzymes are microbial products validated with scientifically backed performance data.

Non toxic & alcohol free

Natural pet-safe formula

High enzymatic content

100% guaranteed results

how to stop the litter trays smelling - pet pee spray - pet urine odours

How to stop litter trays smelling

Cats marking their territory means that pet urine smells can become present in a large variety of places. If you’re able to recognise these odours in your home, then so are your guests and even cats themselves. One of the worst places for this will be the litter tray. Although this is a space for your cat to go to the toilet, it is also effecting the smell in your home.

Want to see how PowAir Pets products neutralise odours? There is an entire science behind it, you can find out more about how PowAir Pets works clicking the button below!

Simple & effective – enter the PowAir Misting Dome

That’s why we are here to introduce you to our PowAir Misting Dome; a simple way to eliminate odours silently yet effectively. Our PowAir Misting Dome is available in three colours: Ice White, Light Green and Soft Pink and is to be used in conjunction with one of our three PowAir Liquids in either Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit or Tropical Breeze! An effective odour neutralising diffuser kit with LED lighting, working to pump a steady mist into your workplace or home which will remove any unwanted odours from the area.


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powair misting dome - powair liquid
how to stop the litter trays smelling - powair misting dome - powair liquid - pet urine smells
powair misting dome - powair liquid

Alternatively, why not consider our PowAir Gels. A great way to achieve 24/7 odour neutralisation through an essential oil based formula. Simply place your PowAir Gel near the source of the odours, open the lid and leave it to work its magic both day and night. When trying to remove odours from your home, you don’t always want to have the product on show, and that’s what is so great about our Gels! This product can be separated into smaller tubs and hidden around the house to achieve discreet odour neutralisation across a larger surface area.

And there you have it! PowAir has the perfect products to help you eliminate pet odours, such as urine smells, when it comes to cats marking their territory. You now know how to stop the litter trays smelling by using PowAir’s best selling pet pee spray (Urine & Odour) and misting dome!