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Hear from thousands of happy PowAir Pet customers to see why they choose our effective odour neutraliser range for all of there animal friendly cleaning activities.

Why choose PowAir Pets?

There are so many reasons to choose PowAir Pets when it comes to removing odours but dont just take our word for it! Hear from thousands of happy customers to see why our effective odour neutraliser range of pet safe products is one that they can trust.

Helen Williams

After finding this product online it is now a mainstay in our home. It literally does what it says on the tin and gives me the confidence that visitors will not be able to ‘smell’ our gorgeous pets!!!

-PowAir Pet Urine & Odour Spray

Penelope Lee

Simply adore this product everything smells clean air dried very natural not a fake overpowering smell

-PowAir Pet Urine & Odour Spray


Have tried many products as we have a bengal that shows off and likes to pee when getting no attention. It smells nice and fresh and he has touch wood stopped. Excellent service. This is worth buying!

-PowAir Pet Urine & Odour Spray


I have been using PowAir products for many years now and they always eliminate any unpleasant smells. People says our house does not smell of dog at all which is a good compliment. Excellent product and highly recommended.

-PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Gel

Holly Martin

Amazing! Tried three of the different liquids for the Misting Dome aswell and they smell beautiful, initially bought because I was looking for something that wouldn’t set off my boxer dogs allergies and she’s been fine & the house smells lovely!

-PowAir Pet Misting Dome

Fae N

I can’t tell you how many tubs of this gel I have ordered over the years. This is my favourite of the fragrances over the past several years. Any unwanted odours are quickly eliminated. The Gel tub lasts for ages. I also have the spray. Very happy with these products.

-PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Gel

Sarah M

LOVE my PowAir Misting Dome! It smells absolutely delicious and isn’t too overpowering. Looks stylish and the house smells lovely too!

-PowAir Pet Misitng Dome

Catherine C

Sturdy, well made and roomy. Bought for dog bedding, which I need to wash a lot. Was previously forever having to do drum cleans on washing machine due to fluff and hair. This seems to have solved the issue, with no loss of washing efficiency.

-Pets&You Pet Wash Bag


The torch is really great! It’s very compact and was great at showing up patches we didn’t even know the dog had weed on. We could target them with the spray. With that and the PowAir Misting Dome, our house smells fresh in a couple of minutes.

-PowAir Pet Urine Pack

Jaq Allen

I first bought PowAir products several years ago & with having stinky Terriers, I needed something that would neutralise nasty smells and release a pleasant, long lasting, natural fragrance. PowAir ticks all those boxes. I wouldn’t waste my money on anything else!

-PowAir Pets Uk


I found this website when looking for products that wouldn’t make my ragdoll kittens ill. I’m so impressed with all the products especially the dome. Can’t praise the products enough. If you’re wondering – don’t! Just place an order, you won’t be disappointed.

-PowAir Pets UK

Tina C

Having purchased my Misting Dome a few months ago, my home has smelled clean and fresh. I have ordered my refills twice and not been disappointed with the quick delivery and quality of the product. Outstanding product and outstanding aftercare. Would rate higher if I could.

-PowAir Pet Misting Dome

Cheryl Parker

Brilliant products! The Gel has a lovely fragrance not at all overpowering or artificial. Not my first purchase and definitely won’t be my last! Brilliant customer service too.

-PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Gel


This odour remover is really excellent! I wonder if there’s anything that PowAir doesn’t work on. Thank you for making a product that really does what is claimed in a world of advertising that so often exaggerates. I recommend unreservedly – not a thing I’ve ever done before for any product. Buy some and see.

-PowAir Pets UK


Very pleased with this spray. I’m a new customer so wasn’t sure, but was tired of the synthetic smells of commercial air fresheners. The important thing is that it’s kind in the air my animals breathe in & it also quickly gets rid of unpleasant odours.

-PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Spray

Jacqueline S

I leave this in the kitchen to eliminate doggy smells, as I found when getting up and opening the door in the morning, it could smell a lot. This almost eliminates it all!

-PowAir Pet Odour Neutralising Block

Lorraine G

I’ve recently added a puppy to the family and the Special Pet Bundle is perfect for keeping his area fresh & removing scent from any accidents he may have. The bag is perfect for washing his toys and bedding too. Next day delivery, nicely packaged and great value for money. Highly recommended for multi pet households!

-PowAir Pets Special Pet Bundle


I bought this after several other products failed to tackle cat urine. I was about to replace the carpet as I couldn’t get rid of the smell until I found this product by chance and it has saved my carpet & my pocket!! It’s totally eliminated the smell. I didn’t expect it to work but I’m so glad I tried it before I bought a new carpet. I’ll make sure that I have this in the cupboard for any future problems.

-PowAir Pet Urine & Odour Spray

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