Don’t sleep on those mattress odours

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If we asked you to name one household item that you can’t put in the washing machine but wish you could, what would it be? We recon mattress would take the winning spot! Your mattress is only one spill away from being essentially ruined by mattress odours. This is, of course, unless you’re using a mattress protector; specifically, a waterproof one, Not ideal when you’ve spent hundreds of pounds and hours of browsing trying to pick the perfect one! But how do you clean a mattress? Is there a mattress odour remover on the market? Why does your mattress smell and how do I remove sweat stains on a mattress?

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Mattresses are most at risk from bed wetting (and other bodily fluids such as sweat stains on a mattress) which can be a long-term issue. Once urine comes into contact with the mattress surface, it instantly begins to penetrate deep into the fibres. Since organic odours are one of the toughest types of odours to eliminate, it’s no surprise that many people believe their mattresses are beyond saving and replace them. Whilst this does seem somewhat extreme, organic odours are hard to eliminate and even harder to stomach! Not to mention the cost too!

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely that you’ve tried several other home remedies to get rid of urine odours on yours or your child’s mattress. You’re probably now wondering how to clean a mattress correctly is playing on your mind.

Put down the bleach, vinegar and baking soda!

PowAir has a mattress odour remover for you! In order to successfully break down organic odours such as urine and vomit, an enzyme is required. This helps to eliminate odours at a molecular level, something home remedies lack and thus don’t yield any results.

Our Urine & Odour formula has been specially designed to combat organic odours (including mattress smells). It does so through a combination of essential oils and high-performance enzymes. Whilst the science may be complicated, achieving the results are easy! Simply spray onto the affected area and leave to absorb. Depending on the age and severity of the odours, a second or third application may be required for optimal results.

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Night sweats, a hidden cause of long term odours.

Did you know that sweating at night can also lead to long term odours? As the weather warms up and the air becomes much more humid than usual, you might notice your body sweating more. This is your body’s built-in mechanism to cool itself – pretty cool right?  Open windows, fans and lighter tog duvets might help to alleviate or lessen sweating. Despite this you will still want to deal with the odours left behind. Any build-up of organic odours will begin to smell pretty bad, quite quickly. Knowing how to clean a mattress isn’t as easy as putting it into the washing machine.

Night sweats can be the result of a number of factors and are much more common than you may think. Hyperhidrosis, anxiety and medications can all contribute to your sweat levels. No matter how common, PowAir can help alleviate any odour problems you may have!



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Available in handy spray bottles & 922ml refill bottles!

Our PowAir Urine & Odour product comes in a handy spray bottle, making it easy to use and easy to store. We also offer 922ml refill bottles! This is a more environmentally friendly and cost efficient way of ensuring you never run out of PowAir Urine & Odour.

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