Spring Cleaning with PowAir

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Why hello there, Spring.

The days are drawing out and the cold, dark winter is officially behind us! But one final tradition to observe before we can really begin to appreciate the spring time is the big (famous!) spring cleaning. Deep cleaning, aka home cleaning from top to bottom, can seem like such a chore but by having something as simple as a cleaning checklist, anything is possible. You will be room cleaning like a professional in no time.

Did you know that there is an official spring-cleaning day? In the United Kingdom, ‘Hinchers’ up and down the country can be found celebrating this day on the 27th March. What better excuse to tackle those long-neglected cleaning jobs?

Don’t worry! We know that more often that not, it can be really difficult to make that initial start; especially when motivation levels are low. If you’re not sure where to begin, we always recommend breaking tasks down into smaller, manageable segments. We’re here to help you with lots of handy advice and top tips! Trust the process and your house will not only be sparkling, but it will smell equally as wonderful. This ensures you can enjoy the bright and sunny days heading our way!

The power of the cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning the house from top to bottom is not only a daunting task, but also a tiring and time-consuming experience.

When home cleaning, try not to picture the task as a whole, but rather tackle the process room by room. Make your tasks more manageable by creating a cleaning checklist. This will make your deep cleaning experience much more enjoyable and easier to manage. Listening to your favourite music or podcast can also help to break the monotony.

A cleaning checklist isa fantastic way of including all of the smaller jobs that need completing in each room. This will also ensure that they aren’t forgotten when tackling the bigger cleaning tasks. Checking off each job as you go can help make the work seem much more manageable too.

spring cleaning - odour neutralisation

Top tip: Be sure to include PowAir at the end of your cleaning checklist to freshen up and eliminate odours as you go along. We recommend the PowAir Misting Dome for home cleaning, when it comes to odours, in all rooms. Our portable odour neutralising diffuser which emits a constant mist into the surrounding environment, in the fragrance of your choice.

The PowAir Misting Dome is available in White, Soft Pink and Light Green and can be used with PowAir Liquid for safe, natural and guaranteed odour removal.


Bedroom odours.

Bedrooms tend to be cleaned more often than other rooms in the house since we spend a lot more time in them (especially teenagers!) But amongst the standard items to clean such as windows, walls, carpets and furniture, there are some that are more challenging when it comes to deep cleaning. The mattress can be cumbersome and awkward to clean, however, good results can be achieved with steam cleaners using nozzles tailored to the task.

A great product to use on your mattress is PowAir Penetrator! Once you have finished cleaning, use Penetrator Spray to fully cover the fabric and leave to soak in. This will fully eliminate any organic and inorganic odour causing compounds. Once fully dry, your mattress should be completely free from any unwanted odours. You can also use PowAir Penetrator spray to freshen up curtains and any areas of carpet that have been subject to spillages. Always perform a hidden patch test prior to using on visible areas of fabric.

Top Tip: To keep bedrooms smelling great, you can easily conceal a PowAir Block in the room! PowAir blocks are designed for small to medium sized areas. They’re perfect for targeting specific areas where problematic odours arise, such as inside wardrobes. They will keep unwanted odours at bay for up to 8 weeks!

Spring cleaning Bathroom smells.

When it comes to home cleaning bathrooms can be one of the easiest rooms to spring clean, since most surfaces are easily wiped clean and any fabric items. This includes towels and bath matts that are usually washing machine safe. On the flip side of the coin and without intervention, they can be one of the most problematic rooms when it comes to odours and spring cleaning!

A PowAir Gel container or a PowAir Block placed discreetly in the room is a simple and reliable solution. PowAir will remove any odours from the air safely, naturally and permanently before they are able to escape to the rest of your home!

Product info: PowAir blocks and gels work around-the-clock to eliminate bad odours as and when they arise. No effort required!

Top Tip: A PowAir Spray kept in the bathroom is great for clearing odours from the air as and when required. PowAir Spray will deliver a fine mist of odour neutraliser into the air and eliminate any odours instantly making room cleaning quick and simple. PowAir spray is also available in our 12ml pocket size which fits perfectly into your pocket or bag.

spring cleaning - powair-odour-neutraliser-bathroom-spring-clean
kitchen - neutralising odours - powair

Spring clean your kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning usually means cleaning inside appliances, including the oven! Ensuring this is done can really help to eliminate a source of bad smells from your home. Dirty ovens produce some extremely unpleasant odours when heated up. Refrigerators can also be home to some fairly nasty odours themselves.

If you find that your kitchen is smelling especially bad while deep cleaning, you can use PowAir Spray. This product will help to rapidly eliminate odours from the environment. Leaving a PowAir Block or Gel in the room will help to keep the room smelling nicer for the weeks ahead.


Living rooms.

Lounge or Living Rooms usually contain a range of softer fabrics including carpets, rugs, sofas and chairs After vacuuming, these fabrics can be treated with PowAir Penetrator by saturating any areas of the fabric that are causing odour problems.

Other areas of the room that may need to be sprayed down include curtains and rubbish bins. As with the bedroom furniture (and any fabrics around your home), always patch test on a hidden area. This will ensure that no problems occur with the colour of the material before proceeding to treat the entire surface.