Neutralising Children’s Bedroom Smells

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Tackle those bedroom smells…

Trying to keep a freshly fragranced home when you have children can be an uphill struggle at the best of times! From lingering food odours causing a smelly teenage bedroom to unwashed laundry on the ‘floordrobe’, bedrooms can quickly become host to a range of sinister bedroom smells. This may leave you thinking “my bedroom smells musty”.

Luckily, we’ve got lots of helpful tips to help you tackle odours safely. Especially when it comes to bedroom smells, we’ll be discussing some of the more common problems that can lead to unwanted odours in children’s bedrooms. Keep reading to discover how you tackle them!

Smelly socks…

Smelly socks left under beds, cupboards, or laundry baskets are one of the worst offenders for creating an unpleasant smell around the room. Not only this but also in the rest of the house. These odours are commonly known to cause a smelly teenage bedroom when left on the floor for a long period of time. This is easily rectified by finding and removing the socks from the room. Lingering odours can be remedied by using PowAir Spray to freshen things up nicely and remove bedroom smells.

Is your Bedding & Laundry causing bedroom smells?

Anything that requires regular washing can soon become neglected. This can easily be resolved by helping children sort their laundry. For an immediate lift, PowAir Spray can eliminate bad odours and bedroom smells from the air quickly and efficiently. PowAir Spray can also be applied to soft furnishings and bedding. Available in three fun and fruity fragrances, our sprays are child-friendly and guaranteed to freshen up any environment in seconds!

Beds and mattresses can become infused with bodily fluids and spillages from food or drink over time. This leads to some of the worst smells you’ll find in a bedroom! After several years it is recommended to replace your mattress, however if a simple clean! All that is needed is our enzymatic range of cleaners, making them become your go-to products. PowAir Penetrator will eliminate unwanted odours from all sources! Even urine and sweat that have soaked deep in to the fabrics.

PowAir Penetrator - smelly teenage bedroom
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Pets – “My bedroom smells musty!”

Does your child have a pet? Goldfish, Hamsters, Guinea pigs and all other small pets can become very smelly, very quickly when their living quarters are not tended too often enough. This may leave you thinking “my bedroom smells musty.” It is always worth keeping an odour neutraliser close by for these situations. PowAir is perfect as it is completely safe to use around your family and your pets. With an all-natural formula and no harmful ingredients, PowAir can neutralise your odours whilst keeping your pets safe.

If you have larger animals such as cats of dogs, keep a bottle of PowAir Urine & Odour around. This will help to make light work of eliminating any urine patches found on carpets or beds. As part of our enzymatic range, PowAir Urine & Odour is a dual-action odour neutraliser capable of eliminating all types of odours safely and permanently.

General bedroom smells.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to keeping bedroom smells at bay around-the-clock, our block and gel products are ideal. Their natural ingredients make them child friendly and they’re available in a variety of sizes to cater for bedrooms of all dimensions! Simply place in the area of your choice and leave them to work their odour neutralising magic!

Tip: These are particularly helpful for eliminating smelly teenage bedroom odours, especially for those who never want to leave their rooms.

Neutralise bedroom smells with the PowAir Misting Dome also offers unbeatable protection against odours. With it’s built in LED lighting, it’s a stylish accessory for children and teenagers alike! Did you know that you can also use the PowAir Misting Dome as a mood/night light? Offering you ultimate versatility and easy home odour management control.

smelly teenage bedroom - my bedroom smells musty

Top Tip: Place a PowAir Block discreetly in your wardrobe. Not only will this keep your room smelling fantastic, but you clothing will smell great too! With a vented lid and solid formation under normal room temperatures, the PowAir Block will not leak or spill on to your clothing and will continue to eliminate odours for over 1,000 hours!