How To Eliminate Urine Odours Safely and Naturally

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Tackle those bedroom smells…

Living with pets brings both joy and entertainment in to our lives and our homes! They provide proven physical and mental health benefits. This has been particularly vital for many people, especially during the covid pandemic. However, it’s no secret that our furry friends can create horrendous smells that are difficult to tolerate. Never mind considering how hard they are to eliminate! That’s why PowAir are here to help you eliminate urine odours with our pet urine remover products. These products are known to remove pet smells with their enzymatic formula and odour eliminator hacks. “HANDLE EVERY SITUATION LIKE A DOG. IF YOU CAN’T EAT IT OR PLAY WITH IT, PEE ON IT AND WALK AWAY!”

Accidents happen!

If your pet has had an accident somewhere around your home, it can often be difficult to pinpoint the exact location that needs cleaning. Especially if the wet-patch is not discovered quickly and before drying out. This can be particularly problematic due to the way odours can become hidden from us with prolonged exposure. (Ever heard the term nose blind?) It can take a brave guest or visitor to point out the problem if the odour is left untreated around your home for too long!

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The power of UV!

An ultra-violet torch such as the PowAir Pet Urine Torch can be extremely helpful when trying to identify older patches of pet urine. This is particularly helpful when it comes to carpets and soft furnishings. The torch will highlight any affected patches when exposed to the UV light. Once urine patches have been identified, it’s important to ensure that the problem area is cleaned. This must be completed accurately and thoroughly. Any remaining odours can often cause pets to re-visit the location to urinate or ‘mark’ the area again.

Fun fact: Did you know that a dogs sense of smell is at least 40x better than ours?

Is Urine & Odour safe to use around my pets?

All PowAir products, including our enzymatic formulas are pet-friendly. Eliminating odours shouldn’t mean compromising on the well-being of your family and furry friends. We boast an entirely natural, unique formula that is free of nasty additives including chemicals, alcohol and other toxic ingredients. Why choose anything else when you can choose a product that is not only pet-safe, but is guaranteed to eliminate odours, 100%?

Absolutely! As a new puppy owner, you’re probably all too aware of age restrictions on certain pet products, such as food and toys. However, due to PowAirs’ natural formulas, our products can be safely used around your pets from new born.

What is the best odour eliminator for pet smells?

When tackling urine odours, it’s important to choose an enzymatic based formula to successfully break down organic odours. By choosing one of our dual-action formulas, you can be confident that any odours will be completely eliminated.

PowAir Urine & Odour works by neutralising any odours present with a powerful formulation of natural essential oils and high-performance enzymes.

My dog peed on the sofa…

Due to its natural formula, Urine and Odour can be used on a number of surfaces to eliminate odours. This can be from carpets and upholstery to wood and hard flooring – and everything in-between! Urine & Odour is most commonly used as a pet urine remover, eliminating pet smells! As a precautionary measure, we do always recommend doing a test patch first!

odour eliminator - pet urine remover - powair urine and odour

How do I use odour eliminator Urine & Odour

Using Urine & Odour (one of our best sellers when it comes to odour eliminators) is really simple! Once areas requiring treatment are identified, clean the area first, then simply spray Urine & odour onto the affected area and leave to absorb. When using on a non-porous surface, such as hard flooring, any left-over residue can be wiped away.

Tip: When cleaning urine and other pet smells it is easy to think that the area you need to treat is limited to the wet-patch that you can see on the carpet. It is worth noting that the wet-patch can often be misleading; depending on the material underneath your carpet. With wooden chipboard flooring (which can soak up liquid very quickly) the actual wet area can be double the size of the visible wet-patch on the carpet! Due to this, it is a good idea to spray over a wider area than the initial wet-patch to be sure of successfully removing urine odours.

How do i get rid of Cat spray odour?

It’s no secret that cat urine odours are extremely unpleasant. There is a strong motivation for cats to mark their territory to signal ownership; especially where other cats are present within the household/vicinity. Whilst this is often a behavioural trait, you will still want to eliminate odours that are left behind.

Tip: Don’t be tempted to use bleach as a pet urine remover as cats often mistake this for cat pee which can motivate them further! PowAir Urine & Odour will help to successfully remove the unwanted odours and can help towards preventing future marking.

PowAir’s Whiff Wisdom

Did you know, during sleep, our body closes down our sense of smell completely? That’s right, during sleep we cannot smell anything!

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